Is there a profitable approach to carbon capture and storage?Listen now | Episode 61 with George Peridas (LLNL), Jonathan Kusel (Sierra Institute), Joshuah Stolaraff (Mote)
Concrete, steel and plastics: Paths to a greener industrial sectorListen now | Episode 60 with Rebecca Dell, Industry Program Director, ClimateWorks Foundation
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Are we undervaluing energy efficiency as a decarbonization strategy?Listen now | Episode 59 with Roger Aines, Energy Program Chief Scientist at LLNL, and Amory Lovins, Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus, RMI
Financial innovations for climate and clean energy impactListen now | Episode 58 with Marilyn Waite, Managing Director, Climate Finance Fund
How to meet electricity demand while greening the gridListen now | Episode 57 with EJ Baik, PhD at Stanford University
Will the clean energy transition be cheaper than we thought?Listen now | Episode 56 with Doyne Farmer, Director of Complexity Economics at Oxford University
Diluting dependence on Russian oil: How renewable energy can defund a warListen now (29 min) | with Amory Lovins, Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus at RMI
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